October 1, 2007

Your city is waiting - Web 2.0 meets GREEN

Harnessing the power of collaboration for sustainability or to resolve energy issues has never been as powerful or altruistic as this.

The time has come! Enterprises are changing the way they market their products and services as consumers are demanding more than just good quality products. Going green is core to the business model of many large companies, and consulting companies are also green-ifying their service offerings to put sustainability on their list of hot topics.

As we all know, addressing energy issues and reducing carbon footprint are on the minds of most CEOs and CIOs these days. As much as we know that resolving these green issues cannot be resolved overnight, many companies are still looking for that silver bullet.

We need to realize that improving the company's image in the eyes of the investor by resolving such global issues requires the co-operation and collective intelligence of the common crowd. The underlying concepts of Web 2.0 can be pave the path to a greener future.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts?


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